MatthewsAccording to Joe Matthew, in his book Bringing Adam Home: On the rear floorboard of the car - where Toole admitted to tossing Adam's severed head - pictures show the bloody outline of a face. Matthews said, "I have a blood transfer from Adam's face onto the carpet - you can actually see his image. It's as clear as the Shroud of Turin, Veronica's veil. It's clear".

The November 2, 1983 luminol negative photo ("Before Photo") is the photo from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Matthews also received these photos and the image he claims to be Adam is the same as the one he received from the FDLE. But Joe Matthews, flipped, inverted, and zoomed in on a fraction of the image. Only then, with an apparent total absence of reasoning, does Matthews have his Eureka moment and make the claim this is Adam Walsh in his book Bringing Adam Home.

The line that runs through the original FDLE image can be used as a reference and is the location Joe focused on before he flipped and rotated it to become his own image. HarperCollins Publishers added the sketch outline insert to the “After” photo.

Before photo After Photo

NOTE: The same double marker appears in both photos indicating how the photograph has been rotated and inverted; at the bottom left of the FDLE photo and the top right of Mr. Matthews' photo.

The original "before" photo can also be seen on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement DVD. It's the second photo on the DVD. All the photos on the DVD are exactly the same photos that Joe Matthews received from the FDLE. The FDLE DVD can be viewed HERE on the Justice For Adam website.


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March 2, 2011