FRUSTRATED WITNESS – Book goes on sale

In September 2015, Frustrated Witness was listed for sale on amazon, then the book reviews started coming in.


The following amazon one-star review is part of what I believe to be a smear campaign to prevent Justice for Adam Walsh by the authors of Bringing Adam Home. My response to this review is also included.


A joke of a book: By Mel on December 31, 2015 at 03:16 a.m.

This book was cheaply made, it’s not at all the quality one expects at $35. The pages are very thin; all the pictures are black and white, low resolution, and can be found on the internet in much better quality. I was expecting nice construction and pictures, and could have lived without them if the content had been better, but it was poorly written and repetitive. The writing is fragmented, and the main points are reiterated constantly to fill it out. It was just not nice to read. Aside from that, I’m more skeptical of the author’s claims after reading the book. I wanted to believe it, but the more I read the more tenuous the connections became. The author may be displaying confirmation bias, that is, “seeing what he wants to see”. Also, being familiar with Dahmer’s M.O. I found the story of him showing up at Morgan’s house pretty far-fetched. Also very hard to imagine J.D. being attracted to the barrel chested Morgan when his type was of the lithe, svelte variety. Toole didn’t do it either and we’ll probably never know who did. With that said, check it out for yourself since it’s one of the craziest books ever made, but be prepared for one of the crappiest.


Comment By: Damien J Stepick

Hunh, this book has some serious detractors with hate flowing through their veins. You know what that means, right everybody? It means someone has not only provided a theory more logical than the one used to close the case, but it also means it proves some of the police officers and other legal professionals involved in the Walsh case screwed up big time. I love when their are detractors because it means the writer is on to something.


Comment By: Doug Characky

if you hate this book so much why don't you use your real name? I doubt that Mel is even your real name!


Comment By: Nikki
This review is way off the mark and the reviewer seems to have a personal axe to grind. I received this book today and though I haven't read it through yet, I can tell you that the book is extremely well made. It is a large hard copy with exceptional print on bright white pages and has impressive amount of information, documentation and photographs. Once I read it through I can give a more detailed review, but for now I can say this book is of very high quality. The only Joke here is your review. 


Response by: Willis Morgan, January 2, 2016

A JOKE OF A REVIEW that is meant to discourage readers from wanting to read the truth. 

Frustrated Witness is a Hard-cover book with a laminated gloss finish coating that protects the cover and adds a bright radiant sheen to it. The size is 8.5" X 11" US letter size book. I chose the letter size due to all the documents that are included. The interior paper is a 60 lb. Opaque/white best recommended for lengthy books. Many of the photos in the book are of good high resolution quality. The book includes numerous photos that have never been published such as the crime scene in the meter room where Adam may have been murdered. 

My name is Willis Morgan. I am not just the author of “Frustrated Witness” I am also one of the many witnesses that were at the Hollywood Mall on the day Adam Walsh was abducted. In my book you will hear from all the other witnesses as well.

Detective Joe Matthews pinned Adam’s murder on an innocent man. Then he used useful idiots at the HPD to get the case closed. With his mission accomplished he then talked fiction writer Les Standiford into coauthoring his autobiography “Bringing Adam Home” in which he gloats throughout of his stealth investigative skills. Personally I really don’t need this gladiator of logic telling me who it was I encountered on that day in 1981. Adam deserves better than Matthews investigating his murder.

Now that Frustrated Witness is finally published these agents of corruption are making every effort to obstruct justice for Adam by berating my book, lying to the media and feeding John Walsh misinformation about his own son’s abduction and murder. 

“Mel” (a.k.a. Les Standiford) wrote the above review for the sole purpose of lowering my amazon star-rating. There is also someone by the name of “Mel” that gave Bringing Adam Home a glowing five-star review. Without revealing themselves by using pseudonyms all they can do now is to unabashedly write (directly or indirectly) negative reviews and comments on amazon as well as my facebook page and other sites that have since banned them.

It’s a fact that Frustrated Witness is a book that Mr. Matthews does not want published and I have been expecting this kind of sabotage due to my attempts in getting justice for Adam.

If Adam never gets his justice from these corrupt agents of mass incompetence or our court system in Florida, maybe, just maybe, this book will give Adam a small semblance of justice, because the truth has a way of standing on its own. 

For more information read all the negative comments that have been made on the five-star reviews on amazon as well as my responses. Also I have posted these comments on Twitter, LinkedIn and my Facebook page.


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The following amazon two-star review is also part of what I believe to be a smear campaign by the authors of Bringing Adam Home. My response to this review is also included:


Frustrated Witness is a domino theory to nowhere - MORE ADDED TO REVIEW #5 /#6
By: Amazon Customer, November 26, 2015

I have studied this case, and the mannerisms of Jeffrey Dahmer for years, yet this book paints a domino theory of "ifs" & "possibilities" to take place in order to direct the blame toward Dahmer. This book is a far cry from the gospel, so I would suggest all individuals read the case file, read other books, watch interviews to better enhance judgement as to who committed the crime. I can personally poke many holes in the Dahmer Theory:

1) Dahmer committed his first murder in OH & Milwaukee, WI by soliciting his victims within close proximity of his residence. Dahmer did use his parents car to invite hitchhiker Steven Hicks back to his parents house in 1978, but informed authorities that his means of transportation was public while in FL & WI. In Milwaukee he took buses on a 80 mile hike to Chicago to entice a few of his victims back to Milwaukee. (Fact: Adam was abducted 20 min from Dahmer's work & his head was found 125 miles north of Hollywood Mall).

2) in book Morgan elaborates about Dahmer having a job at Sunshine Subs and a blue van being a vehicle used between the Sunshine Subs and Mr. Pizza. There were witnesses that say they saw a blue van at crime scene, therefore this blue van has to be the same one in conjunction with Dahmer's work. But... Morgan did his research to find that Dahmer's boss (Ken Haupert) had van keys on him, owner of Mr. Pizza (Michael Peltier) had van keys and there was a set of keys at Mr Pizza office. A Mr Pizza delivery stated that owner - Michael Peltier had use of this delivery blue van for supplies pick up every a.m. Morgan's theory would have Dahmer on foot walking almost 10 blocks north on Collins Ave to pick up a set of keys or pick up the van for he would have to have a key made and somehow take this van from the Mr Pizza location after usage by Peltier. In Morgan's theory you would be placing Dahmer in this van July 27th, but the van would have to be returned to Mr Pizza before am of the next day for Peltier would require van for supply runs. Also, Dahmer would have to go back to Mr Pizza on Aug 7th to pick up the van and drive 125 miles north to dispose head in Canal. (Remember, Dahmer was pulled over by police in 1978 with the remains of Steven Hicks in trash bags in his parents car on way to dump.)

3) Willis Morgan & Bill Bowen were both interviewed by case lead Det Jack Hoffma in 1991, which is documented in case file. Morgan says the guy is wearing a yellow button down shirt w/faded jeans. Also Hoffman documents that Morgan wasn't sure individual had a mustache or what time he was at the mall. The case file became transparent in 1996, thus Morgan is adament that he saw Dahmer in Radio Shack between 11:30-11:40am?? Bill Bowen says he sees an individual taking child out of store saying "I don't wanna go & you're not my daddy." Bowen mentions this person is wearing an army fatigue type jacket. Also, no mention of suspect wearing glasses. (Fact: Dahmer's stepmother Shari mentioned to the media during his 1992 trial that the reason Jeffrey wasn't wearing his glasses during trial is because he didn't want to see the jury. This would make Dahmer near sighted.). Witnesses placing Dahmer in blue van, have to be describing his glasses for he would need glasses in order to drive. Morgan does a great job of mentioning that individuals can provide all various elements of the suspect even if they aren't an exact match, which would provide the variance description between him & Bowen.

4) Morgan goes on to try and place a square peg in a square hole by discussing the meter room in which that had to be the place to bring Adam. Willis is trying to relate the crawl space of his parents home where he cut apart Steven Hicks. Dahmer was living in a motel up the street from the sub shop on July 27th, so then why didn't Dahmer use the resources for other "meter room" killing and/or dismemberment locations pertaining to Hicks murder? Grandmother's house in West Allis, WI?Oxford Apartments?

5) Kathy Shaffer, Sears Security Guard, mentions in 1981 police interview that she began her work shift at 11:00am and mentions that she started work around 12:00pm when interviewed by Phil Mundy in 1996. Shaffer states that she responded to a disturbance in the toy section, at video game station, at 12:30-12:45pm. In 1996 interview, she states that she learned of missing child 30 min after asking the two black & two white children to leave store. If she sticks to her above mentioned times of 12:30-12:45, this would mean that she learned of Adam's disappearance at 1:00-1:15pm. Jenny Rayner, Sears Switchboard Operator, received call from Reve Walsh to have Adam paged over PA system at 12:25pm and pages him again at 12:40pm & 1:00pm. Carolyn Hudson, grandmother of Timothy Pottenburg, mentions in police file she hears page for missing boy at 12:45pm. There is NO logical way that the incident took place at the times provided by Kathy Shaffer, therefore in all probability the time frame would fit for her to mistakenly ask Adam to leave the store between 12:05-12:20pm. Angelique Ganas, Sears Lamp Department Worker, was interviewed by HPD 8/28/81 and recalled Reve Walsh coming into lamp area around 12:05-12:10pm.

6) The so called abduction of Terry Keaton at Twin City Mall on July 13, 1981 in Sears was an aberration. Mark Langill, a street clothed security guard similar to Kathy Shaffer, was following a young boy (Terry Keaton) who he presumed was shoplifting. Jane & Matthew Houvouras came across Terry in the store and took him to shoe department where his mother was paged to pick him up. HPD Det. Hoffman & Sgt. Naylon meet with Mark Langill and show him composite of suspect provided by Jane & Matthew Houvouras. Langill mentioned to HPD that the composite sketch looked like him. August 14, 1981, Det. Hoffman & Sgt. Naylon visit the residence of the Houvouras house, with a Polaroid of Mark Langill in hand, both confirm that Mark Langill was the individual they thought was trying to abduct Terry Keaton.

NOTE: The infamous Dahmer composite sketch (Ref Pg. 96 of Frustrated Witness) is the sketch provided by Jane & Matthew Houvouras, which Det. Hoffman & Sgt. Naylon discredited. You can view this composite sketch on page 842 of case file to compare & contrast with Frustrated Witness. Now, view pages 841 & 844 to view the composite sketches given by Timothy Pottenburg& Eugene Menacho, which these composite sketches look nothing like Dahmer. Also, none of the composite sketches don't show glasses on the suspect. If you read my notes above, Dahmer's stepmother mentioned to the press that Dahmer wasn't wearing his glasses during his trial for he didn't want to look at the jury. This would make him near sighted, therefore he would need glasses to drive a vehicle.

To the average person, with little to no knowledge about this case, it's an entertainment read but I would NOT take this into as the end all/be all to say Damher is the guy. I can elaborate further at


Comment By: Damien J Stepick

Mr. Darren Feller it becomes obvious when someone goes to the lenghts you're going that you are either related to someone who wrote a book with a different theory or to one of the officers mentioned in this book. Us writers have come to learn that anytime you have over 20 reviews, ALL being 5 stars except two or three that are 1 and/or 2 stars, (going completely against the grain) coupled with claims of being much more well informed than the author of the book they're reviewing, the few negative reviews definitely come from detractors or competitors.

Your review Mr Feller is amazingly obvious in its intent, and by posting this review you are only helping sell the book because folks want to know why police would go this far to try and discredit someone. Got me to put this book on my birthday list.


Comment By: Kat

We have faith in YOU Mr. Morgan and we believe you!


Comment By: Willis Morgan

THIS IS NOT A GENUINE REVIEW! Frustrated Witness proves that Ottis Toole was not the murderer of Adam Walsh due to clashing timelines and that Jeffrey Dahmer was.

My name is Willis Morgan. I am not just the author of "Frustrated Witness" I am also one of the many witnesses that were at the Hollywood Mall on the day Adam Walsh was abducted. In my book you will hear from all the other witnesses as well.

This is more of a DELIBERATE disruptive review than a genuine review!

The person that gave this review appears to be someone that was directly or indirectly involved in the case. It was detective Joe Matthews that started the propagation of a false narrative that pinned Adam's murder on Ottis Toole without calling not even one of the witnesses that were at the Hollywood Mall.

Someone named "JARED WILLIS" has taken an oath to "poke holes" in my book even before it came out. He has been posting very similar reviews to the above review by "DARREN FELLER." I have been expecting this kind of sabotage due to my attempts in getting justice for Adam Walsh because there are those such as fiction writer LES STANDIFORD and detective JOE MATTHEWS (authors of BRINGING ADAM HOME) as well as the Hollywood Police Department who do not want the truth to be known. "JARED WILLIS" has been banned from my Facebook page for being disruptive as well as other sites and then all of a sudden "DARREN FELLER" shows up.

No question "Frustrated Witness" is a book that many do not want to be published. If Adam never gets his justice from these corrupt agents of mass incompetence or our court system in Florida, maybe, just maybe, this book will give Adam a small semblance of justice, because the truth has a way of standing on its own.

This reviewer states himself that he has "studied the case for years." He neglects to mention that I took a polygraph exam and passed with flying colors. The exam results can be read in my book as well as the website where all the case files can be viewed. These are the files my attorney Thomas Julin fought for and the HPD wanted no one to see. Now everyone gets to see these FREE public record files, because it's not about the money. It's about justice for Adam Walsh.

They have a lot to lose after convincing John Walsh, Hollywood Police Chief Chadwick Wagner, Broward County Assistant State Attorney Chuck Mortin and most of the media that it was Ottis Toole. Frustrated Witness proves that it was not Ottis Toole that abducted Adam due to clashing timelines and indeed Jeffrey Dahmer was the abductor and murderer of Adam Walsh. If anyone has further questions please go to my facebook page FRUSTRATED WITNESS or write me at



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